bookKnowing the importance of promptitude and assumption of the assignments the clients give us responsibility for, our goal is to offer high quality professional services, respecting the following guidelines: proactive approach of the client-lawyer relationship by meeting his/her necessities, offering flexibility,  realistic analyses, and realistic prognostics of the proposed objectives.

We dedicate ourselves to offer preventive juridical consultance, the defensive approach being the marker of a quality juridical assistance.

Our domains of expertise cover the areas of civil, commercial, immobiliary, society, bank, financial-fiscal, administrative, work, and family rights. We offer consultance,  assistance, and representation in court of justice and other public institutions.


As part of our fields of activity, we highlight the following:

  • Elaborating and implementing civil and commercial transaction strategies
  • Juridical assistance in creation, execution, modification and termination of contracts;
  • Juridical assistance having as objective the creation, maintenance, union and division of  business companies as well as the raising or lowering of the share capital;
  • Assistance in juridical procedures of insolvency;
  • Assistance in debt recovery, and forced execution;
  • Coordination and upholding of civil, commercial, contentious-administrative, fiscal and work cases;
  • Specialized consultance in the domain of  activity of leasing and credit institutions;
  • Juridical assistance concerning foreigners on the territory of Romania;
  • Juridical assistance and representation in court in case of adoption procedures, divorces, splitting, entrusting to raise and education of children, elaborating a visitation schedule.